Vacation Bible School
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Vacation Bible School

Time Lab: Discovering Jesus from Eternity Past to Eternity Future


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1. I understand that my child(ren) may participate in physical activities such as those held during Game Time. As with any physical activity, there is risk of injury. I fully accept this risk and hold harmless from any legal liability Faith Baptist Church and any persons involved with Vacation Bible School. 2. In the event of an emergency that requires medical treatment for the registered child(ren), I understand every effort will be made to contact me. However if I cannot be reached, I give permission to the Faith Baptist Church volunteers to secure the necessary professional medical care. I assume responsibility for all costs connected to any accident or treatment of my child. 3. I give permission for photo(s) of my child to appear among other general Vacation Bible School/Faith Baptist Church photos. I will be notified if any identifying information will be included and give the opportunity to opt out.
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